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quick Smart Metering

Smart Metering

In addition to standard functions like switching, dimming and shadowing, smart metering solutions are available with KNX quick. Measuring of consumption never had been this easy. The meters just need to be build in, and the coding switches need to be set, literally like “plug and play”.

Each meter obtains a group number (1…F) and a channel number (1...9). This results in a maximum amount of usable meters of 135. If you set all the coding switches of a quick device to 0, you can program the device via the ETS, as with all other KNX components. In quick mode all meters are sending their meter readings, and, depending on type of the meter instantaneous values like power, flow rate or temperature.

The meter readings will be transmitted to the KNX bus every 5 minutes, instantaneous values are sent cyclically every 15 to 30 seconds.


Quick Energy Analyzer


The network coupler quick  offers the possibility to display consumption values fast and easy. Because of the pre-installed ETS-application it is possible to visualize up to 8 meters. The meters need to be set to group 1 and channel 1 to 8, because the suitable group addresses are pre-programmed.

quick Setup Netzwerkkoppler




In a second step the network coupler is configured for the type of meter (electricity, heat, water or gas) and the required unit (kWh, litre,…).

quick Verbrauchswerte anzeigen und auswerten



Meter readings are now displayed in charts. The network coupler provides value recording for 10 years, which allows long term data comparison to detect possible energy savings.