Einfach quick konfigurieren mit den KNX quick Produkten von Lingg und Janke | KNX - Einfach quick

Simple quick programming

The only tool you need to make your customer’s building smart is a screwdriver. The quick  technology is based on the internationally recognised KNX standard, which, if desired, can open up a wide range of programming and combination possibilities.  Lingg & Janke‘s quick system lives up to its name:

The use of coding switches allow installations in small and medium-sized buildings even without the use of programming software. The only tool you need is a screwdriver! KNX parameterisation is already included in the devices and is selected through the coding switches.

Programming is done using the coding switches located on each bus device. They are used to establish a connection between sensor and actuator by means of the same connection numbers. Actuators have multiple outputs to control the connected users (channels 1 to 9). That is why the connection number is composed of a channel number (CH) and a group number (GR). 

Each sensor has one coding switch for each of the two numbers (CH and GR) which can be variably set. If the channel number is set to 0 on a sensor, then all the channels of all the actuators that are in the same group (e.g. group 3) are activated.

If you set all the coding switches of a quick device to 0, you can program the device via the ETS, as with all other KNX components. This allows you to use the quick system’s functions with other KNX system components in a house at the same time to get the best possible combination of flexibility and convenience.